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WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh.

Sikh Society of Minnesota
9000 W Bloomington Freeway
Bloomington, MN 55431
Ph:952-888-2705 / 214-762-3326 (cell)>

There is no overall organization that is responsible for all the Gurdwaras in the USA or even throughout the world. Instead the sangat (congregation) from each Gurdwara elects a Management Committee that will have executive responsibility for the day to day management of the Gurdwara in accordance with the Sikh Code of Practice.

There are eleven board members serving in Management Committee in a given calendar year. Each member is elected for the three year term and after that has to sit for a gap of two years before he or she qualifies to be elected as board member again. The board members at the begining of the year elects executives such as President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer for the year.

President Mr. Prabhjit Singh Gujral
Vice President Mr. Surinder Singh
General Secretary Mr. Ricky Arora
Treasurer Mr. Ravinder Singh
Stage & Communications Mr. Manjeet Singh
Board Members

Mr. Daljit Singh Sikka

Mr. Sudarshan S Sood

Mrs. Bash Singh

Mr. V. S. Mehta

Mr. Surinder Singh Manik

Mr. Charanjit S Guron

Mrs. Bhalinder Thind